Meet the Team

  • Wendy and Allan, co-owners and each others right hand man. They stand by each other just as they do each cardboard box that leaves the factory. With over 40 years of self employment and running businesses, they understand what it takes to deliver great customer service without ever skimping on quality as well as creating a safe and happy working environment.

  • Nolan comes with many years of customer service experience and a strong focus of understanding the customer's needs and providing the best solutions. Nolan has a 'Can Do' attitude and considers no task too big.

  • Sandy, with many years of owning and managing businesses, we were thrilled when we secured her to help out in our office. She is a dab hand at figures and the paperwork. Ever efficient and willing to go the extra mile, she is sure to help each customer order through the system and out the door as quick as possible.

  • Paul, our go-to man for all things cardboard. Having been here for well over 10 years now, he knows almost every customer's regular orders and every sheet of cardboard in the warehouse - and thats A LOT!

  • Ryan, meticulous in his work, gets in, and gets the job done. He has mastered all our machines and is an expert at getting our completed orders onto pallets, wrapped, strapped and out the door.

  • Cardboard Fairy, our mystical packaging expert! With a snap of her fingers, she conjures up cartons whenever needed. Though rumored to be nocturnal, she tirelessly ensures our shelves are stocked. Despite occasional grumblings from the factory crew, her efficiency is unmatched, making her an invaluable member of our team.