Carton Styles & Sizes

How to calculate the size of the carton you require:

The size of a corrugated carton is defined by the internal measurements and are always in the order of length x width x height. For example the size 400x300x100mm means that the box is 400mm long, 300mm wide and 100mm deep (high). The length and width dimensions are usually measured across the flute direction and the height dimension is usually measured parallel with the flute direction. The sizing of cartons is very important to ensure that your product is transported safely and securely.


To help get you started with your Custom Carton enquiry, our standard Carton Styles can be detailed as follows…

  • RSC – Regular Slotted Carton

    These are the most common type of carton.  They are easy to erect and can be closed by taping or gluing the top and base flaps.  Flaps meet in the centre top and bottom.

  • FOLF – Full Overlapping Flap

    These cartons are similar to the RSC except they have flaps on the top and base that fold right across the width, giving two full layers of board for extra strength.

  • 5 Panel Folder

    Creased cardboard with 5-panels that wrap around a product and are taped closed.  The flaps on the end fold in, providing stacking strength and protection for long articles.  The 5 Panel Folder is particularly useful for packaging long and narrow products.

  • Hinged Lid Box

    This is a self-erecting box – it needs no staples or glue.  The lid folds down and the tabs tuck into the front of the box, creating a sturdy and attractive box.

  • Box and separate lid

    The larger versions of box and lid come flat packed and require gluing by the client. Die cut box and lids are available in smaller sizes.  These are self-erecting, requiring no glue or staples.

  • And a note on sizing…

    When quoting we work to the internal dimensions of the box measured in millimetres.

    Length (L) x Width (W) x Height (H)

    Length – The length is the longest side

    Width – The width is the shortest side

    Height – The height is from the base to the top