Print Specifications

Give your custom carton that extra look of professionalism with your logo or unique artwork design printed onto the outside. Our printing options and services include:

‘Flexo’ is a relatively cheap print method, suitable for producing single-colour, medium-quality images on corrugated cardboard. Often used on for shipping boxes, it can give a resolution down to around 1mm.

Screen Printing
Screen Printing produces a sharper, more detailed image. It is often used to brand die cut boxes for presentation or shipping. It is suitable for 1 or 2 colour printing. Halftones can be used to create different shades of these colours.

Digital Printing
Full colour digital printing is available, but because of cost, tends to be limited to very high end applications.

Graphics Design
We can put you in touch with reasonably priced, professional graphic artists who can assist you with the development of your artwork.

Run Size
We have a minimum printing run of 200 sheets.

File formats
• Print files need to be in eps or ai vector file formats.

• PDF are acceptable if they contain high resolution vector graphics and not embedded images.

• JPEG, PNG and Bitmap formats can sometimes be used to create a quote. However they are not acceptable for final print preparation. 



We carry black ink in stock. Other colours will be at the customer’s expense.


• Screen Printing print registration is repeatable within +/-2mm
• Flexo print registration is repeatable within +/-5mm.

Max print size 
• Screen Printing 1300mm x 850mm
• Flexographic 765mm x 990mm with a minimum of 200mm between repeats.

Signoff process
We will provide a pdf of the packaging with artwork positioned on it. This needs to be signed off by the customer before we can create print stereos or screens.