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Shredded Cardboard

Shredded Cardboard

$15.00 Per 5kg Box (GST Exclusive)

Made on site with our cardboard shredder, we can produce netted cardboard sheets which make a great environmentally-friendly alternative to bubble wrap. Made from off-cut and waste cardboard, our perforated sheets are 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable.

Perfect for protecting items that require protection and cushioning or can simply be used as void-fill. Due to our different lengths and widths of offcuts, the sizes will vary but will never be wider than 430mm wide. The length will vary. Specific sizes LxW (but not wider than 430mm) can be made to order if requested.


Sheets will come in 5kg boxes only but can be specifically requested for individual requirements.

These boxes can be couriered out singularly or freighted out for larger numbers.

All prices are GST exclusive prices

Please be aware that when we bundle this product, all bundles will be different. It will always be made from corrugated cardboard, but the cardboard it is made from will vary. It could be comprised of corrugated sheets which are white on both sides, brown on both sides, or even have had printing on it. It could be a combination of some or all these variants. But, even though that is the case, it will be quite consistent in thickness & strength.

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