When to Use Custom Cardboard Box Printing for your Business

The idea of using customised cardboard box printing can sound scary, especially for smaller or start-up businesses. “Custom” is assumed to be another word for “costly”, so businesses might find themselves searching a stock packaging supplier for the closest fit, rather than getting something made to order.

The thing is, custom cardboard is more affordable than you think and the end result is an appropriate, attractive and professional look. There are many reasons why your business can benefit from a well-designed custom printed cardboard box, from delighting employees to impressing customers or increasing efficiency in the workplace.

Before you go the route of pre-made cardboard that doesn’t quite do its job, talk to industry leaders at Custom Cartons about how the perfect cardboard package can give your business an edge.

Reasons to Use Custom Boxes

Client or Employee Gifts

Customised cardboard boxes offer an attractive and professional look for Christmas and Thank You gifts for both clients and employees. Giving the people who keep your business running a present is an easy way to keep them happy and boost morale – but you don’t want the gift to look cheap, token or cheesy. The packaging of your present is the first part they will see; packaging your thoughtful gift up in a custom-designed and printed box is a small but important way to complete the gift.

Product Packaging

An obvious reason for needing custom made cardboard boxes is as product packaging. This is definitely not a job for off-the-shelf packaging: you need the right fit, an eye-catching look and sufficient physical support for your item.

Since you’ll need a fair amount of packaging to send your product to market, you will benefit from the purchasing power that comes with large quantities. Plus, by going down the custom route, you have the reliability that your packaging will only change if you want it to – the last thing you want is to find out that your stock packaging supplier has changed the packaging that your customers have come to recognise.

Organisation and Welcome or Presentation Packs

There are many other business uses for customised carboard, like increasing organisation in the office, like Custom Cartons’ fun 3D turtle puzzle which doubles as a pen holder on your desk. We can design and print cardboard boxes in plenty of unique and efficient ways that help create a tidy workspace.

When it comes to welcome and presentation packs, tailoring the standard cardboard box lets you both brand your packs as well as customise the size and shape. We’ve made boxes suitable for refrigeration, instruction manuals, valuable technology – you name it!

Convinced? Get in touch with Custom Cartons and we’ll provide your business with innovative, effective, attractive and professional boxes.