Meet the Team!

Meet the Team

Meet Wendy and Allan, co-owners and each others right hand man. They stand by each other just as they do each cardboard box that leaves the factory. With nearly 40 years of self employment and running businesses, they understand what it takes to deliver great customer service without ever skimping on quality as well as creating a safe and happy working environment. 


Meet Paul, our go-to man for all things cardboard. Having been here for at least 10 years. He knows almost every customers regular orders and every sheet of cardboard in the warehouse - and thats A LOT! 
Meet Sandy, with many years of owning and managing businesses, we were thrilled when we secured her to help out in our office. She is a dab hand at figures and the paperwork. Ever efficient and willing to go the extra mile, she is sure to help each customer order through the system and out the door as quick as possible. 
Meet Ryan, our new kid on the block. A fast learner and meticulous in his work, he has mastered our gluing machine and is an expert at getting our completed orders onto pallets, wrapped and strapped and out the door.